Statistics / analytics

The call center monitoring program will provide you with an invaluable service to evaluate the effectiveness of the call center and operators - in the multi-functional interface, you will receive complete statistical and analytical information, with which you can determine the busy time periods in the call center and also benefit from important reports for your business, thus improving your business processes.

The program allows you to get the following information online:

  • Detailed reports of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Statistics with graphs and percentages
  • Detailed hourly load figures
  • Statistics of missed and answered calls
  • Statistics of operators and sequences

This sector provides detailed information on each operator and the positioning of customers in the queue, so that you can evaluate the performance of the call center in all possible parameters

Main features:

  • Number of answered and missed calls
  • SLA % indicator
  • Average call duration
  • The average length of time a call went before being answered, per agent

Daily and hourly statistics

The information in this sector will help you determine the busiest and least busy times of the day.

Call history and missed call management

One of the key factors in customer satisfaction is real-time monitoring and prompt response to missed calls. Reports help you improve the quality of service and meet the needs of potential and existing customers. In the section for lost and unanswered calls, you will see a list of relevant calls, you can easily change the status and place the necessary information in the comment field.

Demo version of the web interface

A demo version is provided for potential corporate clients to test in real time and fully familiarize themselves with the functionality of the above-mentioned web interface.