virtual pbx

Virtual (cloud) PBX

Virtual PBX with modern features, it is the minimum cost of orderly internal corporate communication. Citynet allows you to have an individual multi-functional virtual telephone system, which will be assembled by our team and will be placed on our server. System integration does not require the purchase, installation and subsequent maintenance of a telephone exchange and other equipment.

We will offer you a scheme tailored to your organization and an individual service package for virtual PBX service.

Save costs and simplify communication without the limitation of geography. Take advantage of the virtual PBX service and get a neat modern communication system for your company, which includes:

► Voice greeting with desired text (IVR)

► Waiting mode for incoming calls, accompanied by a legal melody

► Automatic call forwarding mode

► Call recording, statistics/analytics

► Live call monitoring

► Unification of offices in one network, regardless of location