Calling rule

Outgoing calls:

Mobile operators

To call on Georgian mobile network dial: 0 and subscriber number. e.g. 0577 XX XX XX

You are able to make call on Georgian mobile networks without zero – dial e.g. 577 XX XX XX

Tbilisi local network

To call from Citynet number on Tbilisi Local networks – usually dial a seven-digit city number, e.g.: 211 44 11

Georgian regions

To call on Georgian regions numbers , dial 0, city code and subscriber number. e.g. 0 431 XX XX XX (where 431 is city code).

International destinations

To call on international networks ( to call on foreign numbers) dial + or 00, country code and subscriber number. e.g. 00 49 XXX XX XX XX (where 49 is country code).

How to call me:

Citynet’s Tbilisi  number should be dialed in the same way as any fixed Tbilisi number by Georgian mobile operators: 0 (32) 2 11 XX XX;

From Tbilisi city numbers they should dial your number directly: 2 11 XX XX;

From foreign numbers: + (995 32) 2 11 XX XX or 00 (995 32) 2 11 XX XX

Citynet’s non-geographical zone number 706 XXX XXX  should be  dialed by Georgian operators with only 0,  e.g. 0706 XXX XXX, no matter what city or country the subscriber is in, city code is not required , as it is the Georgian non-geographical number.

From foreign numbers they should call with international format: + (or 00) 995 706 XXX XX.