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 What network is Citynet?

Citynet is a telephone network operator in Georgia offering the  city (Tbilisi and Regions) SIP numbers. You are able to  download number  free for smartphone or computer as an additional number and use it  everywhere (including abroad) where you have access to high-speed internet (WI-FI, 3G or 4G). Our subscribers enjoy the lowest rates on local and international calls. The call rate  from other networks to Citynet number is the same as the call on  other city numbers of Georgia . The service conditions and tariffs  are the same for every country, and the internal network is free of charge without any limits regardless of whether  the subscribers are in one country.

What is the price of Citynet number?

You can get the free number from website.

How can I buy number from website?

Select  "Download number" on the website, registration page will open,  create your account for free. follow the steps , where you may get information about  how to buy the number and download  free application for your phone  from PLAY Market.

How can I buy the 10 gel “Unlimited”  package ?

Please follow the link for activation 10 gel “Unlimited” package .

How can I top up my balance?

Topping  up balance is possible through our website or website www.mypay.ge  (choose Telecom and Internet), with VISA/MASTERCARD bank cards of any countries. Also through fast payment boxes functioning in Georgia : TBCPAY, PAYBOX and EXPRESSPAY (in the menu choose Telephone and after choose CITYPHONE).

How can I check the balance?

For checking  balance call on 1111 from “Citynet” number.

How does Citynet number work in smartphone?

You can use the "Citynet" number for your smartphone as an additional phone number, the application is active everywhere where is the internet. In order to get a high quality connection, you need to be in a high-speed internet zone, or a Wi-Fi or a minimum 3G. The application has the mode of turn on / Off , you can have the application in active or inactive mode.

Citynet" is the perfect telephone network from where you can call to any country’s phone number and receive call from any number, unlike the various applications. "Citynet" is the  best for conversations in the internal network, subscribers talk freely and unlimitedly, regardless in  which country they are. "Viber" is used only for internal network conversations and not to call other phone numbers.

If you've accidentally stitched the Citynet application?
In this case you only need to download the application, follow the link.


You can call the same way as to call any fixed number.

  • To make call from “Citynet” number on Tbilisi’s fixed numbers – dial 2 XX XX XX.
  • To make call on Georgian mobile numbers - dial 0,  operator’s code and number.

Example: 0577 XX XX XX.

  • To make call on Georgian Region numbers – dial 0, city code and number.

Example: 0 431 XX XX XX (where 431 is city code).

  • To make international call ,  dial + or 00, country code and number.

Example:  00 7 495 XXX XX XX (where 7 is country code, 495 is city code).

  • To make call on “Citynet” number is the same  as to make call on any Tbilisi’s fixed number. To make call from Tbilisi’s number : 2 11 XX XX

To make call from Georgian region number and mobile numbers: 0 (32) 2 11 XX XX

To make call from international operators: 00 (995 32) 2 11 XX XX.

  • From Georgian numbers dial 0 to make call on 706 444XXX, regardless in  which country they are.