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Nowadays , in technologically advanced time, it’s difficult to imagine modern office without VOIP  telephone system, communication through multifunctional telephone system with subscibers is compatible with modern requirements. Through the call centre based on VOIP technology you will not lost any incoming calls, unlike any other telephone network, where the telephone number working with one line.The modern call center offers many advantages for improving telephone communication:

Waiting mode for subscribers; Dividing incoming calls; Interactive menu with the desired text for incoming calls; Call monitoring – for improving company's services.

“Citynet" offers high quality service to corporate customers, service available  everywhere where is the Internet.

You can choose a different VOIP telephone system:

1. Office  VOIP PBX      2. Virtual PBX

► Both PBX can be equipped with the following functions:

► Multichannel telephone number (short internal office numbers)

► IVR - Interactive voice menu with the desired text

► Row mode for incoming calls (accompanied by a melody)

► Automatic call forwarding incoming call

► Record calls

► Full call monitoring

► Statistics / Analytics

► High (premium) quality phone connection

For corporate segment provided service are:

► Arrangement of telephone system for call center

Adapt the telephone system to the required CRM system

Individual tariff packages

SMS marketing

Hardware support required for conferences

Technical support 24/7

Personal manager service

Online store of IP telephones

The Corporate Sales Service also discusses the possibility of offering individual tariff packages to the corporate subscriber (without change number and index - using porting service).