What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a technology that monitors the advertising sources of telephone calls. In fact, this is a code that is installed on the website and collects statistics about the source of the calls. Call tracking helps you allocate your marketing budget and increase sales.

In some companies, the sales cycle begins with a phone conversation with the customer. For example, buying an apartment or a car, installing windows, ordering repair services, etc.

But you don't know where the customers are coming from? Of course, you can ask them, "How did you hear about us?" But it is unlikely that you will get an accurate answer and conduct such a survey regularly. You can also look for the answer in analytics systems like Google Analytics, but the thing is, you won't find these activities there because analytics systems don't track offline activities like phone calls.

The person saw the ad, went to the website, saw the phone number and called the company. From this moment, you will not know anything about his further actions, because the system "does not recognize" calls. For Google Analytics, a person has just left the site. However, in fact, he called, placed an order, and may even buy your product.

how does it work?

Call tracking is based on the principle of DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) for each website where your ad is displayed. Each site shows the visitor a unique phone number instead of your company's main number. The call tracking system then associates it with a specific marketing source or session. Now let's go back to the basic principles of how call tracking works.

Let's say a customer came from an ad on your website.

He sees the inserted phone number and picks up the phone.

The phone call comes to Citynet's virtual PBX.

After the call, the information is transferred to the call log. There are over 30 call metrics that you can use to generate reports (source, channel, time, Client ID, IP, call duration, operator who answered the call, etc.).

Why is call tracking necessary?

The service allows you to clearly find out the effectiveness of advertising. You can select ads that bring in calls and inquiries, as well as select ads that only waste your budget. This will allow you to optimize the investment in advertising - stop campaigns that are not effective and allocate the budget in a new way.

Control the sales department and improve the quality of service - you can combine call tracking with a full-fledged virtual PBX that collects detailed data on calls. You will see how many calls have been missed and you can also listen to the audio recordings of the calls.

Transfer of call data to other systems

The call tracking system may transfer data to other services. For example, you will be able to analyze calls in Google Analytics along with online activities. Or you can integrate call tracking with your CRM. Thus, after the call, transactions, tasks and contacts will be automatically created there.